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LED Rope Light
10m LED Multi Colour Rope Light £15


Equipment Included:


1 x 10m LED Muti Colour Rope Light


8 programme in-line controller

360 bright, long life LEDs

Mains plug to sequence control: 1.5m

Sequence control to connector: 0.5m

IP44 rated for outdoor use

Mains powered IP44 rated LED rope light sets with in-line controller providing 8 pre-programmed sequences. High efficiency LEDs produce an equivalent level of brightness to a traditional rice bulb with a fraction of the energy consumption or heat wastage. Equally suited to lighting effects, festive decoration or architectural highlights.

Our packages are designed to be plug and play for your convenience. Once everything is connected you can just leave them to run all night long without any worry. The package is extremely simple to set up giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes to your event.

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