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800W Active speakers with bluetooth

Hire Price

Hire Duration


1 Day

About these speaker

Equipment Included:


2 x400W Active Speakers

2 Channel Built in Mixer

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x iPod/ Laptop Cable

All the Cables you need to hook it up!

Active sound-reinforcement speakers with polypropylene enclosures and built-in class-D amplifier modules. Each cabinet is equipped with an extended frequency main driver and a titanium compression driver for optimum clarity. Power from the internal bi-amplifier is controlled from an internal DSP section, offering pre-set profiles with crossover, EQ and dynamics processing to suit the program material. Custom settings can be created via the onboard rotary encoder and backlit display or by connecting the CLARA unit to a PC or laptop via USB and editing using the free-to-download ADU software application. 2 combo inputs on the rear panel can accept balanced or unbalanced line level audio with 6.3mm jack or XLR connection. An integral Bluetooth® receiver can be paired to a smart phone and audio can be streamed wirelessly through input A. In addition to a line level input for input B, there is a mic/line level switch to enable direct connection of a microphone. Maximum sound impact from a lightweight and easy to manage cabinet.

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