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Stage right front bar
Stage Left front bar
Stage right back bar
Stage left back bar
Stage left front bar
Stage right front bar
Stage right back bar
Stage right back bar
DMX Splitter
Stage Lighting Install at Cliffdale School


We were invited to Cliffdale School by H&S Aviation to supply and fit Stage lighting at Cliffdale School. We provided:

6 x LEDJ Slimline 1WW20 COB Pars

12 x Equinox LED RGB Par 64

2 x LEDJ 100W UV COB flood

1 x Sweetlight D- 512 DMX Software Interface

1 x Transcension S 8 DMX Distribution Splitter

20 x 50mm Professional G Clamp

20 x 75cm Safety Wire 20kg

25 x DMX Cables

4 x DMX Terminators

2 x 2m Aluminium scaffold pole

2 x 4m Aluminium scaffold pole

We installed the lights across four separate bars that we fixed to the walls using pipe to wall brackets. Each bar had both colour washers and warm white face lights. Each bar was isolated from each other via the Transcension DMX Distribution Splitter. 

The install proved to be a great success and has been loved by both the Teachers and pupils are cliffdales.

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